• SARS Binding Ruling on Expatriate Employees  (121K)
    27 May 2010
  • Challenges in Africa  (88K)
    Conducting any business in a known environment, within a culture that is understood is always a challenge, but venturing out into the unknown is a challenge that comes with far greater risk factors.
  • Company Case Study - Sasol  (11K)
    What are the particular challenges of sending assignees to the Middle East and supporting them there? We asked Yvonne Webb, Senior Human Resources Consultant with Sasol, a global energy company.
  • Returning Home to Sasol, South Africa  (106K)
    Sasol, the global petrochemical company, have recently implemented a repatriation policy. Yvonne Webb, Principal HR Consultant, explains why the need was so great – particularly for expatriates from their South Africa operations.
  • The Global Hunt for Talent  (68K)
    Opportunities to work overseas are increasing rapidly as the global search for talent rises.